Terms & Conditions for Car Rental



All our prices include Greek tax (V.A.T) equal to 24%.  A free map of Crete. Unlimited kilometers. C.D.W Insurance. Personal Insurance. Road Assistance.

Prices can change at any time without notice.


GPS is available upon request at the time of reservation. The charge for this device is 5 euro per day.

GPS languages voice & text:

English, Netherlands, German, Russian, Italian, French, Greek, Swedish, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Polish(not voice), Danish(not voice), Norwegian(not voice)

There is no insurance for loss or damage of equipment, and the Customer is due to pay the full amount of cost for its replacement.


Baby Seat/ Booster Seat
Baby seats or Booster seats are available upon request on reservation, with an extra charge of 5 euro per day.

There is no insurance for loss or damage of equipment, and the Customer is due to pay the full amount of cost for its replacement.

The Customer must return the car with the same amount of fuel in the tank. If the Customer returns the car with less fuel than the amount was in at the start of the rental, there will be an extra charge of the cost of the fuel consumed. There is NO REFUND for excess fuel.

Prepaid Fuel: The Customer under request, can order and prepay a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental (price of fuel will be at the average price of the local petrol stations). At the end of the rental the Customer can return the car with an empty fuel tank and there is NO refund for fuel remaining in the tank.


Renter Requirements (Driving License/ Passport or I.D. / Credit Card)
At the time of rental, there will be required:

Driving license valid and held for at least one (1) year, issued from the European Union, or an International driving license. Valid, but non E. U. driving license must accompany the International Driving license.

Valid Passport or I.D card.

A valid Credit Card.

All of the documents must be in the Customer’s /driver’s name, written and spelled the same.


Driver’s age

Driver’s age minimum is 23 years old, apart from the categories of Cabrio, Cabrio Automatic, Sedan and Minibus where the minimum age is 25 years old.


Credit Card Deposit

Acceptable valid credit cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The Deposit can be from 300 euro up to 1500 euro, depending the type of the car. The deposit will be held from the Customer’s credit card and will be returned to the Customer within 14 days or longer depending on your bank, after the return of the car. We are not responsible for any kind of bank fees related to this process.

Cash/ Credit Card Deposit required. It will be refunded if the conditions of this Agreement are fulfilled. By signing the credit card receipt and this Agreement at time of rental, the Customer/Cardholder automatically agrees and authorises the Lessor for charges to be taken for all the terms and conditions of this Agreement where Customer is due to pay, such as damages to the Vehicle, loss or damage of equipment, fuel, etc. These conditions are non-negotiable.


Additional Driver

Additional Driver is available with an extra daily cost. Maximum number of drivers on the contract are 2. The main driver and 1 additional driver, Rental Terms & Conditions apply to main and additional driver.


Tyre Insurance

Extra Tyre insurance is provided for all cars with an extra cost per day. This insurance covers the cost of the repair of a flat tyre or of a broken tyre, and refers to tyres broken strictly on paved roads and only once the Customer has informed us immediately from the place of the incident. There will be NO COVER for payments of damages to the tyres if the car is driven on any kind of unpaved road, off road, illegally and dangerously so the damages to the tyres are a result to this kind of actions. The Customer shall pay the necessary cost for the tyre and only in those cases of a refund of money, the Customer is obliged to deliver the receipt to the main office and ask for a refund. The wheel caps if lost or damaged, are not covered by the insurance, and the Customer shall pay for the cost of their replacement.


C. D. W Insurance , Terms & Conditions

The Lessor hereby hires the Vehicle to the Customer subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and in consideration whereof the Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees the following:

  • This Agreement consists of the terms and conditions herein contained and the following terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them “the Lessor” means the hire company specified in this Agreement. “The Customer” means the person(s) named in this Agreement and signing the same. “The Vehicle” means the car identified in this Agreement and all tyres, tools, accessories and any other equipment attached thereto or contained therein.
  • The Vehicle is the sole property of the Lessor. This Agreement is in respect of rental only. The Customer is NOT the Lessor’s agent for any purpose whatsoever. The Customer acknowledges that he acquires no rights in the Vehicle other than those stated in this Agreement.
  • The Customer is responsible for and shall pay all parking and traffic violations.
  • The Vehicle shall NOT be used: (a)  To tow any other vehicle, trailer or other object.     (b)  In any race, test or contest. (c)  To sublet to third parties.     (d)  For the transfer of passengers or goods for a fee.
  • The Vehicle shall not be operated or driven by any person other than the Customer named in this Agreement.
  • If the Vehicle is obtained from the Customer by fraud or misrepresentation or is obtained or used in furtherance of an illegal purpose all such use of the Vehicle is without the Lessor’s consent.
  • The passenger numbers must be the numbers mentioned in the vehicle’s licence. Should the Vehicle be found with more passengers in it, it will be taken from the Customer and there will be no money refunded.
  • It is forbidden to transport the Vehicle by boat without prior permission from the Lessor, and the Lessor does not consent to this action.
  • NO SMOKING permitted in vehicles at any time.
  • If the vehicle is returned with WET SEATS or SMOKING ODOUR, the Lessor has the right to levy an additional charge equal to the value of a day’s rental.
  • The Vehicle must not be used in contravention of the Rules of Law and of the Traffic Laws.
  • In the case where the Customer unilaterally gives notice of termination of this Agreement prior to its expiration, the Customer is obliged to have fulfilled all the obligations stemming from this Agreement, and any prepaid rentals for the remaining period of the rental remain with the Lessor due to a fair and reasonable penal clause.
  • Since in the present Agreement the contractors are more than one Customers for rental of the Vehicle, they are responsible to the Lessor as a whole with regards to the obligations responsibilities stemming from this Agreement. The default, the notice, of protest and the violation of one of the Customers as well as any court decision against any of them or any judicial or extrajudicial statement from the Lessor to one of them or his appointed attorney with special authority applies de jure to the others as well. Any amount that is the result to any kind of damages, injuries or death cause by the Customer and not covered by the insurance, is the responsibility of  the Customer and the Customer is obliged to cover in full, should a claim is raised against the Lessor.
  • The failure to exercise or delay in exercising the rights on the part of the Lessor by force of this Agreement does not constitute and can in no way be taken to constitute as waiving these rights.
  • Any and all disputes which may arise between the Lessor and the Customer shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Crete.


The Lessor provides full insurance (Collision Damage Waiver) which applies only in case of accident with another vehicle. There is no self risk to pay, except in the following cases where the Customer is liable to pay for the full repair of all damages caused to the Vehicle:

  1. The Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W) insurance does not cover any damages which may be caused while the Customer is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinatory, or any kind of substance influencing the ability to drive or the senses or the Customer is in general under limited capacity of driving or perception.
  2. It also does not cover any damages that may be caused while the Vehicle is in movement on an unpaved road, off the road, and on any un-made up road which are not designated as a public thoroughfare.
  3. It also does not cover damages if the Customer in any kind of use of the Vehicle is in contravention of the Rules of Law and of the Traffic Laws and if the Vehicle is driven by the Customer in a dangerous way or engaged in illegal actions.
  4. In the case of accident the Customer must telephone and inform the Lessor and the Police immediately from the place of the incident, otherwise our insurance company will not cover any damage to our Vehicle and the third party.
  5. The Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W) insurance does not cover any loss or damage to the personal belongings and property placed inside or on the Vehicle and therefor the Customer relieves the Lessor from any responsibility.
  6. In violation of any term and condition of this Agreement.


The Customer is liable for the full repair of damage if caused to the inside, underneath, wheel caps, the retractable roof of the Vehicle, and tyres (if not extra insured), the loss or damage of extra equipment such as GPS devices, Baby seats, Booster seats, and any damage caused only by misuse to the engine, gearbox and associated mechanical parts and systems of the Vehicle.



Accident and breakdown

In case of accident the Customer must inform immediately the Lessor from the place of the incident, and shall wait and be patient for the specific accident procedure that will follow according to the Greek law. The Customer must make NO admission of liability and must obtain witnesses (as well as any other person involved) names and the addresses/ telephone numbers. The Customer must deliver to the Rental Station all documents of any kind relating to any and all claims received by the Customer, as well as information and evidence, in connection with such accident.

In case of breakdown, your rented vehicle will be replaced free of charge as soon as possible, once you have informed us. (There is no money refund).  This does not apply should the car be stopped by the Police due to traffic violations or dangerous driving.

Road Assistance is available 24 hours/ 7 days, free of charge, once you have informed us, and applies only ON PAVED ROADS. Waiting time is inevitable and can vary. There is no money refund for any kind of delays.


Delivery / Collection

Our office is located in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, with address AKTI KOUNDOUROU 15

The Customer shall pick up the car from the location at the date and the time as written on the reservation form, as well as return the car at the location at the date and time as agreed and written on the contract. Should the Customer return the Vehicle later than the date and time specified on the rental agreement the Lessor reserves the right to charge the Customer for every additional day that the Customer withholds the Vehicle (minimum one day’s rental), and for a different location than specified the Lessor can make extra charges 3euro per kilometer from the original location + 50 euro fee for the service.

Car Deliveries and collections ONLY for the area of Agios Nikolaos are free within our office working hours.  Out of hours fee is charged 10 euro individually.

For Elounda, Plaka, Kalo Chorio, Istron, Kritsa there is a fee of 10 euro per way, within our office working hours. Out of hours fee is charged 15euro individually.

For Heraklion airport there is a minimum fee of 30 euro up to 50 euro per way, depending the on the car, within our office working hours. Out of hours fee can be minimum extra 30euro on top of the airport fee, depending on the request time.


Only for HERAKLION AIRPORT Customers

Attention!!! Heraklion Airport collection/delivery occurs ONLY for Customers with destination the town of Agios Nikolaos.

At your arrival, our representative will be waiting for you, as soon as you exit the building, INFRONT of the DECK no 29. The representative will hold a sign with your name written on it.  Nearby in time of your arrival, you will receive an e-mail with all the necessary details.  You can always call the office mobile number for any inquiries.   At your arrival our representative will explain to you all the details for the return of the car at your departure.  It is very important that all the necessary information needed, such as Flight Details, Mobile contact number,  Date and Greek Time of collection, are accurate, current and complete, for which you and only are responsible to provide them to us in that way in order to collect your car.   In the case that at your reservation you will provide us with the false information, from which we will not be able to accomplish the rental of the Vehicle, we reserve the right to charge the full rental price.

It is necessary to have with you the following documents: Driving Licence, Passport/ I.D and Credit Card (All of the documents must be in the Driver’s name).


Rental extension

Rental extensions require 48 hours notice prior to the end of the original contract.



Free cancellation and a refund of money can be up to 15 days before the pick-up date of the rental period.  This does not apply for High season period, which is July and August and the Customers remain liable to pay the full rental price once the reservation is made.

If you make a cancellation, you will receive a cancellation e-mail.

Customers remain liable to pay the full rental price for cancellations made less than 15 days before the start of the reserved rental period or upon failing to show and pick up the Vehicle (No Show) or at High season period of July and August.  This also includes cases that the Customer does not apply with the rental terms and conditions of our Agreement.

In the case that the Customer shall not collect the Vehicle the time and date as agreed at the reservation form, the availability of the Vehicle cannot be guaranteed, as the Lessor has the right to otherwise reserve the vehicle for hire and there is no right to refund the cost of the car rental.

The Customer and only has the full responsibility to provide the Lessor with accurate, current and complete information needed in order to accomplish the procedure of the rental for the Vehicle. If the Customer fails to do so, the Lessor reserves the right to make charges.

For any cancellation or refund of money via your credit card or bank transfer,  we are not responsible for any kind of bank fees related to this process. For a refund of money via Paypal there will be a fix refund fee (policy of Paypal).


Personal data & information

We ask for your First and Family Name, Telephone mobile number, E-mail address, passport or I.D number and driving license number. This allow us to send you a confirmation e-mail of your reservation, to complete your reservation, and to contact you if we have any problems with your booking.  It is solely your responsibility that all data and information that you provide us, are accurate, current and complete.

We will maintain your personal information provided by this site as part of our records in order to assist us to improve our administration and management of our car rental business and we will not use this information for any other purpose, except to respond to legal requirements, to enforce local policies, to respond to claims or to protect the rights, property, or safety of others.


A reservation (whether confirmed or not) does not constitute a contract for the supply of vehicle rental services. A contract will be entered into at the time of rental and will be governed by the Greek laws of rental.